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Base SAS Certification Training

We are Provides Base SAS Certification Online Training in  India with Real time working Professionals.

Base SAS Certification

Training Duration: 20 – 25 hours

Course Content / Topics:


  • Introduction of SAS software.
  • Industries using SAS
  • Components of SAS System.
  • Architecture of SAS system.
  • Functionality of SAS System.
  • Introduction of SAS windows

Working in the SAS Environment

  • Functionality of SAS Windows.
  • Creating and managing SAS Libraries.
  • Overview of SAS Data states.
  • Types of Libraries.
  • Storing files temporarily and permanently.
  • Referencing SAS files.

Creating database from raw data

  • Steps to create a SAS dataset.
  • Creating SAS dataset using structured text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using unstructured text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file with delimiters.
  • Creating SAS dataset using Excel file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using Access file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using values inside the code.

Creating AND Redefining variable

  • Use with different conditional statements.

Debugging Error Message


Output delivery system

  • Concepts of output delivery system.
  • How ODS works and viewing output of ODS in different format.
  • HTML, RTF, PDF etc..

Combination the dataset

  • One-o-one reading
  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Concatenation
  • Interleaving,
  • Match merge


  • Character function
  • Numerical function
  • Arithmetical function
  • Mathematical function
  • Date Function

Loops in SAS: Do Loops

      • Do Loop
      • Do While
      • Do Until


  • Definition of array
  • Example of array

Procedure in SAS

  • Procedure Format.
  • Procedure Contents.
  • Procedure Options.
  • Procedure Print.
  • Procedure Import.
  • Procedure Export.
  • Procedure Datasets.
  • Procedure Report.
  • Proc means
  • Proc freq



  • Study material: Notes and Books
  • Dump questions for SAS certification exam
  • Daily assignments with respect to chapter for hands on experience
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume preparation help
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