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Advanced Dotnet

BESTWAY Technologies offering  best ADVANCED Dot NET (.Net )Training in Bangalore and Hyderabad with Real time most experienced working Professionals.  Our ADVANCED DOTNET trainer is working in DOT NET and total 13+ years experience.  we cover under this ADVANCED DOTNET course Syllabus major topics AJAX, Java script, J query, WPF, WCF, Entity Framework, MVC, MVC Architecture, Essential Language Features, Working with Controllers, Model Validation, Working with Views, Working with URLs and Routing, Ajax and Client Scripting, Security. We are plain to ADVANCED DOT NET  Course Content basic concepts to advanced level in-depth content. We are offers weekdays Batch (Monday to Friday)for day 1 to 1:30 hour, weekend batch (Saturday and Sunday ) for day 3hour class & Fast track which is based on your timings & availability of trainer.

BESTWAY TECHNOLOGIES offering online training with flexible & cost effective.  Attend ADVANCED DOTNET  classes in online no need to come to my place attend DOTNET classes at your place anywhere world any time zone. Our participants students will be eligible to clear all type of any interviews at end of our DOTNET sessions.  My DOTNET trainer will give future help and assistance in subject for participants. We provide you with 24/7 server access for practicing. Please call : 91-9000567126 ( WhatsApp) , Mail :

Advanced Dotnet Course Content





Java script :

ü  Introduction to java script

ü  Basic functions Implementation

ü  Java script events Handeleing

ü  Java script Validations

ü  Attaching an external java script file

ü  Working with words ,numbers  and Dates

Google API,WEB API intigration

J query :

ü  What is J query ?Insatllation and syntax.

ü  Selecters and events

ü  J query animation effects

ü  J query Ajax calls

ü  J query Content develevry networks(CDN)

ü  J query Validations

ü  External j query plugins.

ü  J query UI


ü  Introduction to WPF

ü  XAML and WPF Controls

ü   Layout & Dilogues

ü   Menus and Commands

ü  Data Binding

ü  Linq-Sql Classes

ü  Setup file creation and installing


ü  Introduction to WCF

ü  Addresses and Bindings

ü  Service Contracts

ü  Consuming WCF Service

ü  Instance Management

ü  Data Contracts

ü  Handling Errors

ü  Hosting a wcf service

ü  REST Service

ü  Fault contracts Entity Framework :

ü  Code first

ü  DB first

ü  Model first


1.Introduction to MVC

ü  A Brief History of Web Development

ü  Traditional ASP.NET Web Forms

ü  Benefits of ASP.NET MVC

2.MVC Architecture

3.Essential Language Features

ü  Automatically Implemented Properties

ü  Using Object and Collection Initializers

ü  Entity Framework

4.Working with Controllers

ü  Introducing the Controller

5.Model Validation

ü  Explicitly Validating a Model

ü  Displaying Validation Messages

ü  Alternative Validation Techniques

ü  Security and Authentication


6.Working with Views

ü  Working with the ASPX engine

ü  Working with the Razor Engine

ü  Converting ASPX View to Razor View

ü  Partial Views

ü  Adding Dynamic Content to a Razor View o Inline code

7.Working with URLs and Routing

ü  About Routing

ü  Understanding the Routing Mechanism

ü  Adding a Route Entry

ü  Using Parameters

8.Ajax and Client Scripting

ü  ASP.NET MVC’s Ajax Helpers

ü  Using jQuery with ASP.NET MVC


ü  Authentication

ü  Authorization

ü  Cross-site scripting ( XSS )


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