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SAP- HR/HCM Online Training

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Course Syllabus:

SAP HCM Course Details

Introduction to SAP
  • Introduction to ERP
  • Overview of SAP
  • SAP-HCM Module at a glance

Organizational Management

  • Organizational Structure (Simple Maintenance & Expert Mode)
  • Objects, Additional Object Types ,Task Description/Department/Staff
  • Plan Versions ,Org Management Infotypes
  • Account assignment features, Structure Maintenance
  • Configure Positions, Jobs, Cost Center Assignment, Reporting Relationships

Personnel Administration

  • Enterprise Structure & Personnel Structure
  • Personnel Area, Personnel Sub Area, Employee Group, Employee Sub Group
  • Assignment of ES & PS
  • Personnel Action , Hiring , Employee Master Data
  • PA Infotypes Maintenance , Dynamic Actions


  • Recruitment Medium & Instruments, Applicant Master Data
  • Applicant Actions, Applicant Activity
  • Transfer Applicant Data to Employee Master Data
  • Report Generation, Recruitment Infotype Maintenance

Time Management

  • Recording & Evaluating Time Data
  • Holiday Calendar , Break Schedules
  • Work Schedule Rule, Deduction Rule, Counting Rule
  • Time Info types Maintenance, Absence & Attendance Quotas


  • Overview of Payroll components, Payroll Period , Payroll Area , Control Record
  • Retroactive Accounting, Wage Types
  • Pay scale Group / Area / Level
  • Generation of Remuneration Statement

Training and Event Management

  • Overview of T & E Management, Business Event Preparation, Business Event Catalogue
  • Day to Day Activities, Recurring Activities

ASAP Methodology

  • Explanation about ASAP Methodology

Overview of ESS / MSS. & Reports

  • Overview of Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service & Reports




1. Payroll Overview

  • Define Payroll Accounting
  • List components of gross and net pay calculation
  • List the steps in the Payroll cycle-Understand the integration between payroll and other SAP components
  • Payroll process-Gross payroll and Net payroll-Payroll cycle.

2. Prerequisite configuration for Payroll.

  • Configuration of prerequisite Info types
  • Control Record
  • Payroll organization-Payroll accounting areas
  • Period and date modifiers
  • Payroll periods-Defaulting payroll area

3. Configuration of Basic pay Infotype

  • Employee subgroup groupings
  • Payscale types and Areas
  • Payroll periods, Payscale groups and levels
  • Payscale salary ranges

4.Configure Wage types for Basic pay and Wage type configuration tool.

  • Permissibility per infotype
  • Wage type characteristics
  • Wage type group Basic Pay
  • EE subgroup grouping for primary wage type
  • PSA grouping for primary wage type
  • WT permissibility per ESG and PSA
  • Default wage types
  • Wage type models for created wage types
  • Valuation of Wage types
  • Modules for Indirect Valuation, TARIF, PRZNT , SUMME
  • Primary and secondary wage type.

5. Configuration of payroll Infotypes.

  • Organizational assignment-Payroll status
  • Planned working time
  • Basic pay
  • Bank details
  • Recurring payments and deductions
  • Additional payments
  • external wage components

US Specific Infotpes

  • Ø IT 0207 Residence Tax Area
  • Ø IT 0208 Work Tax Area
  • Ø IT 0209 Unemployment State
  • Ø IT 0210 Withholding info W4/W5 US

6. Payroll run

  • Payroll simulation
  • Payroll run (Release payroll, Start payroll, Payroll log , check results, corrections , exit payroll, remuneration statement ,display payroll results)
  • Payroll log
  • Payroll result

7. Configuration of technical procedures-schemas-functions-personnel calculation rules, control tables.

  • Payroll driver RPCALCxO-Payroll schema X000, Functions
  • PCR : X010, X013, UMOD, X015, XPPF
  • Processing class: 01, 06, 15, 31, 20, 25 and 30
  • Valuate time wage types, constant valuation, Person related valuation basis, Assign valuation basis.



  • Overview of LSO
  • Training Management & Info types
  • ALE Business process in TM
  • Room Reservation Management
  • Roles in LSO
  • Course Planning
  • Creation of Course Content
  • Course Participation Administration
  • Course Participation Administration via learning portal
  • Course processing via classroom training
  • Course Processing via Web based Training
  • Course Recourse Management for Classroom training



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