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DevOps Training Online

Devops Training Classes in Mumbai , Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Thane & Nagpur.

A Comprehensive Devops Training Programme

● Linux server administration essentials.
● Amazon Web Services.
● DevOps Tools, Frame work , Practices and Principles.
● Bash Shell Scripting.
1. Foreword and Importance of Devops
2. Present market requirement and prerequisites for a
Devops Engineer.
3. Little about the trainer …
4. Course structure , duration and plan.
5. Course syllabus.

1. Foreword and Importance of Devops

1. What’s the story behind the Obama’s tech efficiency in the last presidential
elections ???
2. What’s the driving force behind the large scale enterprise companies such as
Facebook, spotify, Google, Amazon , walmart , Netflix etc.. ????

system administration along with a handson on any of
the public cloud architecture.
→ Automate the routine stuff. “When you automate the mess, you get an automated
So you need at least one automation tool as like Bash, Perl, Python etc.
→ Should have an understanding on how the code flows, right from the Developer
machine to a production server and beyond. This we call it as DevOps Pipeline.
So you need to understand what developer does daily , the tools he uses and how all
these tools, work in synergy.

Course structure , Duration and Plan.



  1. Linuxsysadminbasicsfor10days.
  2. Virtualizationandcloudbasics,withendtoendA.W.Sfor15days
  3. Devopstools,technologies,practicesandframework.For25days
  4. BashShellscriptingfor10days


  • →Classeswouldbeonline,fullyinteractive.EveryonewouldbecreatinganEntireDevopsPipeline,onthePublicCloud,wewilldoasampledeployments,launchawebsite,automatedeploymentsandmonitorperformanceandlogsendtoend,tillthecoursecompletion.
  •  →SessionswouldmostlyfocusonthedaytodayactivitiesforaDevopsEngineerandtheTechnicalKnow-Hows.Ratherthanhistory,acronyms,principlesandstuff
  •  →PracticalWorkspacecreationonAmazonCloudwithEnterprisescenarios
  •  →ExploringDevopsonbothTechnicalandArchitecturalStandpoint.MoreofanInteractiveandPracticalsessionstoexplaintheconceptsbetter

Main Syllabus

  • Linux server administration. 
  • Amazon Web Services 
  • DevOps Tools, Framework, Practice sand Principles.
  • Bash Shell Scripting.

Course Syllabus : DevOps Course Content

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