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Hadoop Training Hyderabad

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Hadoop Training Course Content

0.Introduction to Hadoop and Bigdata

  • What is Big Data?
  • What is Hadoop?
  • Why Hadoop?
  • History of Hadoop
  • Use cases of Hadoop
  • Hadoop ecosystem
  • HDFS
  • MapReduce
  • Companies follow Hadoop

1.Hadoop Functionalities and commands

  • Hadoopfs commands
  • Daemons
  • Writing anatomy
  • Reading anatomy
  • Rack awareness

2. MapReduce Introduction

  • MapReduce workflow
  • Combiner, partitioner
  • Introduction to MapReduce programming
  • UsecaseExplination

3. Introduction to Pig, Hive & Pythonmapreduce concepts

  • Pig MapReducewith different examples
  • Hive MapReduce with different examples
  • Combiner, partitioner in Pig

4. Developing the MapReduce Application in Java, Pig & Hive

  • Data Types
  • File Formats
  • Explain the Driver, Mapper and Reducer code
  • Configuring development environment – Eclipse
  • Running locally with usecase
  • Running on cluster with usecase
  • Hands on exercises

5. Oozie, Sqoop and FLume Introduction & Work flow with Example

  • Sqoop workflow with usecase
  • Flume workflow with usecase
  • Oozie workflows with usecase

6. MapReduce advanced Features

  • Secondary Sorting with examples
  • Joins – Map side and reduce side
  • Side data distribution

7. Hive, Impala 

  • Fundamentals
  • When to use Hive, Impala and Pig
  • Usecases

8. Hbase

  • Introduction to Hbase
  • Architecture and advanced concepts
  • Hbase + HadoopMapreduce
  • Usecases on Hadoop for Practise

9. Add-on’s and unique coaching along with hadoop:

  • Linux preparation
  • R analytics
  • Mongodb basics
  • Issuing 4 + Usecasesin hadoop
  • Interview Questions and Certification Preparation


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