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Microsoft BI & SQL Server

BESTWAY Technologies offering  best Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) and SQL Server Training in Bangalore and Hyderabad with Real time most experienced working Professionals.  Our MSBI trainer is working in Microsoft BI & Sql Server and total 13+ years experience .  we cover under this MSBI course Syllabus major topics Life Cycle of Database, Design,  Implementation, Administration or Maintenance, Introduction to MSBI, Introduction to SSIS, Developing SSIS Packages, Errors and Debugging SSIS, SSIS Administration, DWH with SSIS, Introduction to SSRS, Authoring Reports, Advanced Authoring, SSRS Administration, AD –Hoc Reports Development, Introduction To SSAS, Developing Cubes, MDX Language, SSAS Administration.  We are plain to MSBI  Course Content basic concepts to advanced level in-depth content. We are offers weekdays Batch (Monday to Friday)for day 1 to 1:30 hour, weekend batch (Saturday and Sunday ) for day 3hour class & Fast track which is based on your timings & availability of trainer.

BESTWAY TECHNOLOGIES offering online training with flexible & cost effective.  Attend MSBI  classes in online no need to come to my place attend MSBI classes at your place anywhere world any time zone. Our participants students will be eligible to clear all type of any interviews at end of our MSBI sessions.  My MSBI trainer will give future help and assistance in subject for participants. We provide you with 24/7 server access for practicing. Please call : 91-9000567126 ( WhatsApp) , Mail : [email protected]

SQL Server & MSBI  Course Content

Life Cycle of Database:

  1. Design
  2. Implementation
  3. Maintenance

Module1: Design

  1. Basics (DBMS,RDBMS)
  2. SQL Server Environment
  3. Creating a Database
  4. Constructing tables
  5. Data Types
  6. Data Integrity[ Where all the constraints will be covered]
  7. Relationships(One – One, One – Many, Many – Many)
  8.  Normalization & Normal Forms
  9. DDL-Data Definition Language
  10. DML-Data Manipulation Language
  11. DCL-Data Control Language

Module2: Implementation

  1. SQL Programming Concepts (Operators, Built-in Functions, Clauses)
  2. Joins and Sub Queries
  4. Indexes
  5. Stored Procedures
  6. User Defined Functions
  7. Transactions and Locks
  8. Cursors
  9. Triggers
  10. XML Integration

Module3: Administration or Maintenance

  1. Security
  2. Database Maintenance(DBCC Commands, Backup & Restore)
  3. SQL Server Agent
  4. Replication
  5. Performance Monitoring
  6. SSIS-SQL Server Integration Services
  7. SSRS-SQL Server Reporting Services
  8. SSAS-SQL Server Analysis Services

Introduction to MSBI:

  1. What is MS-BI
  2. Advantages of MS-BI
  3. DWH Concepts
    1. –>What is DWH?
    2. –>Definition of DWH (Ralph Kimball, Bill Inmon Definitions)
    3. –>OLTP Vs OLAP
    4. –>DWH Architecture
    5. –>Data Acquisition Process (ETL)
    6. –>Data Analysis Process (OLAP)
    7. –>DWH Design Guidelines (Star, Snowflake Schemas)
    8. –>Tools used in DWH
    9. –>Data Mart

Introduction to SSIS:

  1. SSIS installation
  2. SSIS Architecture
  3. Package
  4. Tasks  ,Control Flow , Data Flow

Developing SSIS Packages:

  1. SSIS Wizard(BIDS Environment)
  2. SSIS Designer
  3. Variables and Expressions
  4. Breakpoints
  5. Data viewers
  6. Events Handling

Errors and Debugging SSIS

  1. Configure Error Output
  2. Execution Logging
  3. Control Flow Tasks
  4. Data Flow Tasks(ETL)
  5. .Net Scripting Task 

SSIS Administration

  1. Deployment
  2.  Configuration
  3.  Security
  4. Manually Executing SSIS Package
  5.  Scheduling SSIS Package
  6.  Importing and Exporting Packages
  7. Monitoring and Optimizing Packages


  1. Dimension Tables Data Loading
  2. Fact Tables Data Loading

Introduction to SSRS

  1. Data Sources
  2.  Datasets
  3. Reports
  4.  Report Wizard
  5. Report Designer

Authoring Reports

  1. Report Items
  2. Report Layout Sections
  3. SSRS Expressions
  4. Working with Data Regions

Advanced Authoring

  1. Parameterized Reports
  2. Drill Down Reports
  3. Sub Reports
  4. Filters in SSRS
  5. Actions in SSRS
  6. .NET scripting in SSRS 

SSRS Administration

  1. Installation and Configuration
  2. Deployment and Security
  3. Subscriptions and Rendering
  4. Caching and Snapshots

AD –Hoc Reports Development

  1. Report Model Project
  2. Model Designer
  3. Report Builder

Introduction To SSAS

  1. Dimensions
  2. Facts
  3. Data Sources
  4. Data Source Views

Developing Cubes

  1. Cube Designer
  2. Partitions and Aggregations
  3. Dimension Usage
  4. Calculations and Kpis
  5. Perspectives, Actions

MDX Language

  1. Axes, Slice
  2. Tuple and set
  3. MDX Queries
  4. MDX expressions

SSAS Administration

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Deployment
  4. Processing
  5. Security

100. Backup and Restore

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