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SharePoint Development 2013

BESTWAY Technologies offering  best SharePoint Server 2013 Development/ Customization Training in Bangalore and Hyderabad with Real time most experienced working Professionals.  Our SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT trainer is working in SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT and total 13+ years experience in SHAREPOINT .  we cover under this SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT course Syllabus major topics, SharePoint 2013Introduction, SharePoint UI Basics, List and Libraries, SharePoint Object Model, Client Object Model,  WebPart Development, LINQ to SharePoint, Event Receivers, InfoPath Form Development, SharePoint 2013 workflows,  Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Extending Search, BI Solutions with Performance Point Server 2013, Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010 (it’s deprecated in 2013), SharePoint Designer, PowerShell scripts, Few Sharepoint server 2010Concepts, Features  and Solutions, Creating Mysites.  We are plain to SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT  Course Content basic concepts to advanced level in-depth content. We are offers weekdays Batch (Monday to Friday)for day 1 to 1:30 hour, weekend batch (Saturday and Sunday ) for day 3hour class & Fast track which is based on your timings & availability of trainer.

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SharePoint Server 2013Development/Customization:

Module 1:  SharePoint 2013Introduction

  • Whats new in sharepoint2013
  • What is sharepoint and its versions and Developer Tools
  • Terminology and software/hardware requirement
  • Getting Started with SharePoint 2013 Development

Module 2:  SharePoint UI Basics

  • OOTB list & libraries
  • UI Customization
  • User Groups and User (creations/permissions/mail& mailbox settings/)
  • Security and Alerts

Module 3: List and Libraries

  • Creating Custom Lists and Document Libraries
  • Creation of Views
  • Difference between list and libraries
  • Site columns(Creating/updating/propagating)
  • Content types(Creating/updating/propagating)
  • Using Lookup and Calculated Columns
  • Unique column Constraints
  • Working with OOTB Sites
  • Record Center,Rss Feeds
  • Site Templates and  Site Definitions

Module 4: SharePoint Object Model

  • SharePoint core namespaces
  • SPSite and SPWeb context
  • Using  SPList,SPListItem,andSpQuery
  • SharePoint Navigation  through Object model
  • Programmatically accessing List data
  • U2U CAML Queries

Module 5: Client Object Model 

  • Overview of the Client Object Model
  • Leveraging the .NET Client Object Model
  • Leveraging the JavaScript Client Object Model 

Module 6: WebPart Development

  • Using Out-of-Box WebParts
  • Creating and Deploying Web Parts using VS
  • Creating Web Part Properties
  • Visual WebParts

Module 7: LINQ to SharePoint

  • Introduction on LINQ to SharePoint provider
  • Lambda Expressions
  • LINQ to SharePoint
  • The DataContext Object
  • Creating Typed Data Classes [Entity classes ] using SPMetal.exe utility

Module 8: Event Receivers

  • Introduction on Event Receivers
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Events
  • Creating Receivers at Site,List and ListItem Level
  • Security Event receivers (new in SharePoint 2013)

Module 9: InfoPath Form Development

  • Designing the InfoPath forms
  • Publishing InfoPath forms to Site Form Library/ as Site Content Type
  • Submitting Form data to data base
  • Introducing/Creating/Editing List Forms through Infopath forms

Module 10: SharePoint 2013 workflows 

  • Introduction on work flows
  • Out-of-the box workflows
  • Designer Workflows(Reusable,List,Site)
  • Overview on Visual Studio Workflows(Sequential/Statemachine)
  • Overview on Association of Forms into Workflows

Module 11: Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

  • Overview and Architecture
  • Using Business Connectivity Services
  • External Content Types
  • Creating External Lists

Module 12: Extending Search

  • Index Content
  • Enable Search Options
  • Basic Search Configuration
  • Enterprise Search Configuration
  • Search Page and Result Customization
  • Search page publishing Layout.

Module 13: BI Solutions with Performance Point Server 2013

  • BI Tools in SharePoint 2013
  • Excel Services

Module 14: Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010 (it’s deprecated in 2013)

  • Sandbox Architecture
  • Sandbox Solution Gallery
  • Creating and Testing a Sandboxed Solution
  • Limitations with Sandboxed Solutions

Module 15:  SharePoint Designer

  • Customizing Master Pages
  • Modify a built-in CSS Style Sheet
  • Create/Attach a CSS style sheet
  • Create/Attach/Detach a Master Page
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Add Web Parts and Webpart Zones
  • Adding Images (_images directory)
  • Backup and Restore a Site

Module 16:  APPs

  • Over view on Apps
  • Create an APP

Module 17:  PowerShell scripts

  • Create PowerShell scripts for deployment


Few Sharepoint server 2010Concepts :

1 :Features  and Solutions

  • Introduction on Features
  • Creating the features
  • Installing/uninstalling features to the sharePoint Site
  • Activating/De-activating features to the sharePoint Sites in Different Scopes
  • Creating Feature Receivers
  • Creation/Deploy of solutions

2. Creating Mysites

  • Request Demo

  • Add Your Review