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  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management is also called as Fusion HCM which is a main suite of Oracle Fusion Applications that sets a new standard for work and modernization. This application is an approach to employee staffing which perceives people as assets, whose current esteem can be measured and future value can be generated through investment. Oracle Fusion HCM facilitates an organization to manage and deliver benefit programs which offers rules-based and universal applications to reach their goals, mission, and methods of an organization. Oracle Fusion HCM is engineered to co-exist with your existing applications and deliver improvement without any disruption. It is designed from the earliest stage to help your organization know its people better, act as a group, and do things the way you need them to be finished. This application recognizes the partner organizations which are able to advertise, implement, and develop Fusion HCM application. It is built from the ground-up which thinks about the business of HR to offer esteem to each employee in an organization from Human Resource to Managers to Employees. Oracle Fusion HCM connects all parts of the workforce, empower customers to notify, engage, and work together in many ways before never possible.Best Way Technologies offers the best Oracle Fusion HCM Training which will be taught by our oracle experts. It contains multiple courses on different technical platforms but it gives importance to Fusion HCM applications and its components. We deliver the important information to students while teaching in training. Learning from our well qualified oracle experts can enhance their chances to get certified. We have proved that we are very much helpful for all those students who are concerned to pursue the best training but they can’t attend traditional classroom training classes due to some reasons or other.At present situation, students or employees don’t have proper time to attend for classroom training due to they are planned with their educational studies or professional career, so they choose to learn through online training classes. Apart from classroom training, many of the students are enrolling for online training classes. We provide modern and updated oracle technologies for offering a high-quality of training on oracle fusion applications and this can be clearly seen from its online training classes. We are having modern online training classes from our training center in which our online training can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Our online training classes prove to be very much helpful for those students who are interested in taking best training but can’t attend traditional classroom based training due to some reasons. In classroom training, we are having better lab facilities and the queries of students on any topic can be solved at that time with the trainers at our training center. Best Way Technologies offers mainly online-based training so that the students can concentrate the classes from their remote place at any time and achieves this Fusion HCM course this enables the students to take up their interested and relevant course even from their own place. We offer a wide collection of IT services and ensure a complete end-to-end solution.

Oracle Fusion HCM Course Curriculum


  1. Oracle Fusion HCM Global Human Resources
  2. Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Management
  3. Oracle Fusion HCM Absence Management
  4. Oracle Fusion HCM Time and Labor
  5. Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Management
  6. Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll


  1. Spreadsheet data loaders
  2. Security
  3. Personalizations
  4. Fast formula’s
  5. HCM Extracts


1. Oracle Fusion HCM Global Human Resources:

 Core HR:

  1. Overview of Functional Setup Manager
  2. Creation of implementation users, assign implementation tasks to users and run LDAP process
  3. Overview of roles
  4. Manage geographies
  5. Manage geographies
  6. Manage geography lookups
  7. Manage locations
  8. Manage locations
  9. Manage location lookups
  10. Manage actions and action reasons
  11. Manage Enterprise Structure
  12. Creation of enterprise structure
  13. Manage divisions
  14. Manage legal entity
  15. Manage business unit
  16. Reference data sets
  17. Manage Business unit set assignment
  18. Manage Location reference set
  19. Manage legal entity HCM information
  20. Manage descriptive flex fields
  21. Manage Legislative data group
  22. Manage departments
  23. Manage organization (optional)
  24. Manage currencies (optional)
  25. Manage Work Structure
  26. Manage jobs
  27. Manage positions
  28. Manage positions
  29. Manage HCM position hierarchy, Manage lookups – (optional)
  30. Manage grades
  31. Manage trees
  32. Manage geography trees
  33. Manage department trees
  34. Manage organization trees
  35. Manage position trees

Person Management:

HR Transactions

  • Add a person, Hire an employee, add contingent worker, add a non-worker, add pending worker)
  • Common Transactions – Manage employment, promote employee, terminate an employee, transfer an employee, rehiring employee, manage allocated checklist, manage areas of responsibility)

Profile Management:

  1. Introduction of Profile Management
  2. Manage workforce profile lookups
  3. Manage workforce profile value sets
  4. Manage workforce profile descriptive flex fields
  5. Manage talent notifications
  6. Manage profile rating models
  7. Manage educational establishments
  8. Manage profile content types
  9. Manage content subscribers
  10. Manage profile content items
  11. Manage profile types
  12. Manage instance qualifiers
  13. Manage questionnaire lookups
  14. Manage question library
  15. Manage questionnaire templates
  16. Manage questionnaires

2. Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Management:

Career Development:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Career Development
  2. Lookups
  3. Select feature choices
  4. Manage goal library

Goal Management:

  1. Introduction of goal management
  2. Manage worker goal setting lookups
  3. Manage goals value sets
  4. Manage worker goal descriptive flex-fields
  5. Manage worker goal setting profile options
  6. Manage goal management notifications
  7. Manage goal library
  8. Manage review periods
  9. Manage goal plans
  10. Manage goal eligibility profiles

Performance Management:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Performance Management
  2. Manage performance lookups
  3. Manage performance value sets
  4. Manage worker performance descriptive flex-fields
  5. Manage worker performance profile option values
  6. Manage performance notifications
  7. Manage performance roles
  8. Manage talent eligibility profiles
  9. Manage eligibility batch process
  10. Manage performance process flows
  11. Manage performance template sections
  12. Manage performance document types
  13. Manage performance templates
  14. Manage target ratings distribution
  15. Manage performance and potential box chart labels

Talent Review:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Review
  2. Manage talent review lookups
  3. Manage talent review value sets
  4. Manage talent review descriptive flex-fields
  5. Manage talent review profile options values
  6. Manage talent review notifications
  7. Configure talent review dashboard options
  8. Manage potential assessment

Succession Management:

  1. Introduction of succession management
  2. Manage succession management lookups

3. Oracle Fusion HCM Absence Management:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Absence Management
  2. Look ups, value sets and flex fields.
  3. Work shifts
  4. Work day pattern
  5. Work schedule
  6. Calendar event
  7. Derived factors
  8. Eligibility factors
  9. Absence reasons
  10. Absence certifications
  11. Absence plan
  12. Absence types
  13. Absence categories
  14. Managing repeating time periods
  15. Configure absence batch parameters
  16. Schedule and monitor processes
  17. Fast formula’s

4. Oracle Fusion HCM Time and Labor:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Time and Labor
  2. Define Time and Entry Configuration
  3. Manage workforce management lookups
  4. Manage time and labor value sets
  5. Manage workforce management value sets
  6. Manage repeating time periods
  7. Generate data dictionary time attributes
  8. Generate time card fields
  9. Manage custom time attributes
  10. Manage time entry layout components
  11. Manage time layout sets
  12. Manage time categories
  13. Manage time consumer sets
  14. Manage HCM groups
  15. Evaluate HCM group memberships
  16. Manage workday defintions
  17. Define Time Rules
  18. Manage fast formula’s
  19. Manage time repository rule templates
  20. Manage time repository rules
  21. Manage time repository rule sets
  22. Manage time balance dimensions
  23. Manage time balance definitions
  24. Manage time allocations
  25. Define Time and Labor Setup Profiles
  26. Manage worker time prorcessing profiles
  27. Manage worker time entry profiles
  28. Define Time Device Configuration
  29. Manage time device event mapping
  30. Manage time device event mapping sets
  31. Manage time device export data
  32. Manage time device processign profiles
  33. Export time device configuration
  34. Generate time cards from time collection devices

5. Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Management:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Management
  2. Manage Derived Factors
  3. Manage Eligibility Profiles
  4. Manage Salary
  5. Manage Salary Basis
  6. Configure Compensation Plan
  7. Configure Compensation Budgets
  8. Configure Compensation Worksheets
  9. Configure Models and Reports
  10. Validation and Processing the Compensation Plan

6. Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll:

  1. Introduction of Oracle Fusion Payroll
  2. Consolidated group
  3. Payroll definitions
  4. Flexfields
  5. Elements
  6. Costing
  7. Salary basis
  8. Earning elements
  9. Deduction elements
  10. Balance and feeds
  11. Payroll processing
  12. Assigning payroll to an employee
  13. Assigning payment methods to an employee
  14. Quick pay
  15. View run results
  16. Employee payslip
  17. Reports
  18. Event groups

7. Technical:

  1. Spreadsheet data loaders
  2. Security
  3. Personalizations
  4. Fast formula’s
  5. HCM Extracts
  • There is no specific technology background required, however, having SQL coding knowledge and Data warehousing Knowledge is an added value.
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