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ORACLE Fusion Procurement Cloud Training

Oracle Fusion Procurement Course Content


  1. Application Overview
Fucntional Setup Manager
Create User
Role Assignments
User and Role Synchronization
User Management  – Profile
Create Implementation Project
Browse and Configure Oracle Fusion Offerings & Options
Importing and Exporting Setup Data
Create Enterprise Structure
Manage Key Flexfields
Manage Descriptive Flexfields
Manage Procurement Agents
Define Lookups
Define Payment Terms
Define UOM
Define Carriers
Define Hazard Classes and UN numbers
Currency Conversion
Fusion Procurement Setup
Assign Business Unit Business Function
Manage Business Unit Set Assignment
Manage Service Provider Relationships
Configure Procurement Business Function
Manage Procurement Document Numbering
Configure Requisitioning Business Function
Add Roles to Business Unit
Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement
Business Unit Assignment to User
Create Jobs
Create Positions
Job/Manager Assignments to User
Po Approvals
Manage Approval Groups for Procurement
Manage Requisition Approvals
Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
Manage Supplier Registration Approvals
Catalog Flexfields
 Create Value Set (Manage Product and Child Value Set)
 Assign Values to Value Set (Manage Product and Child Value Set)
Key Flexfield Structure for Catalog (Manage Key Flexfield for Catalogs)
Manage Structure Instances
Deploy Catalog
Manage Catalogs (Create Catalogs)
Assign Default Catalog
Manage Item Class
New Item Request
Create Item
Assign Item to Organization
Supplier Numbering
Supplier DFF
Create Supplier /Site
Create PO
Create Receipt
Supplier Agreement key concepts
Create Supplier Agreement
Fusion Self Service Procurement Functionalities
Self Service Procurement features
Procurement Catalog Category Hierarchy
Create Categories
Create Catalog Category Hierarchy
Local Catalog(Shopping Catalog)
Informational catalog / Browsing Catalog
Punchout catalog
Content Zones
Create Information Template
Create Information Template Value Sets
Manage Values for Value Sets
Manage Information Template  Descriptive Flexfields
Manage Context
Deploy Flexfield
Create Information Template
Purchasing News
Smart Form
Paragraph Search Results
Compare Items
Personal Shopping lists
Shopping Lists
Catalog Requisition
NonCatalog Request
PR to PO Flow
Supplier Portal
Fusion Supplier Portal Functionalities
Supplier Registration
    Prospective Supplier
    Spend Supplier
Manage Orders
Supplier Acknowledgement
Manage Schedules
Manage Deliverables
Manage Agreements
Create Invoice
Create Invoice without PO
View Invoices
View Payments
Manage Shipments
View Receipts
View Returns
View Active Negotiations
Manage Responses
Supplier Profile
Enterprise contract management foundation
Contract Process flow
Features & Benefits
Accessing contracts from procurement application
Terminology in the contract application
Creating contracts
Implementing procurement contracts
Sourcing overview
Negotiation Calendar
Supplier Portal
Real time monitoring
Award analysis
Tracking qualification for suppliers
Setup Overview
Assessment vs qualification
Manage assessment outcomes
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