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QlikView Online Training


What is Qlikview?

The most effective Business Intelligence software for Analysis, Data Visualization and discovery tools available in the market today is Qlikview. Qlikview is being adopted by some of the biggest organizations in the world. Thus the knowledge of Qlikview professionals with high end skills and Certifications are in very much demand and the Qlikview provides you an opportunity to enter into hottest data visualization domain.

Qlikview is one of the most used Business Intelligence tools today and demand for Qlikview Developers has never been higher. Qlik has regularly been a leader in the Gartner’s magic quadrant with companies transitioning or adopting their BI needs to the Qlikview Platform. This Qlikview Developer training from Best Way technologies is designed for the new entrant into the field of Qlikview and Business Intelligence. This Qlikview training from Best Way Technologies in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune will help you in creating Analysis Reports, Adding Visualizations and provide you with tips & tricks to improve them. You will also learn how to optimize your Data Models by using advanced Script Functions.

Why Should I Learn QlikView From Best Way Technology?

Best Way technology offers the most in-depth and comprehensive QlikView learning opportunity with training course content that is completely in line with the QlikView Developer Certification Exam. QlikView is one of the best Business Intelligence platforms that delivers true self-service analytics and BI in order to drive businesses insights that are relevant, real-time and readily deployable.

In Best Way Technologies, You will start working on live or online QlikView projects that have high relevance in the corporate world, step by step assignments and curriculum designed by industry experts. On completion of the training course from Best Way Technologies you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs around the world at top salaries.

Who is the target audience?

Are you fascinated in learning how to unite to various transform data, data sources, and create a QlikView data model for data visualization and business discovery? Are you interested in making six-figure income by learning QliKView? If you answered YES then this is the right course for you! Welcome to the Course!

Best way technology will teach you all the concepts with hands-on tutorials to make you an awesome QliKView developer from Qlikview course. No prior programming experience is needed other than basic understanding of SQL.

You will learn idea first before the hands-on session to make it easier for your to master each QliKView scripting concept. In addition, each section has a quiz to gauge your level of knowledge. Introduction module is accessible to let you be familiar with that it is a flexible business intelligence platform, for turning data into knowledge from the QlikView training.

Who should do QlikView Certification Training?

In Best Way Technology, there are no such rudiments for Qlikview training . However, with many opportunities in the field, the following job roles will get benefited from this course:


BI analysts

Software developers

IT architects

Reporting professionals

Testing professionals

Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field.



Qlikview Training 

Course Duration: 30 hours

QlikView Desktop: Version 12.1


This course structure is a mixture of demonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. Topics covered in this course, include fundamental user interface layout and design best practices. It also covers how to view and read QlikView application and objects such as sheets, list boxes, various charts and graphs. All the basic knowledge required to get started with QlikView.


It also focuses on the development side, learning about the script, best practices, loading data and how to deploy QlikView applications. It also covers data modeling and related issues such as database connectivity, advanced scripting and more complex data modeling issues.

Recommended Prerequisite Course(s): Data warehousing concepts, SQL.

Qlikvew Products: 

  • Desktop: (The QlikView Desktop is a Windows-based desktop tool that is used by business analystsand developers to create a data model and to lay out the graphical user interface (GUI orPresentation layer) for QlikView apps).
  • Server: (Serverallow users to access QlikView files stored on the server, over the internet.)
  • Publisher: (Publisher manage scheduling, distribution, and security)
  • Access Point: (Single point of access to corporate all QlikView documents)


  • Developer&Designer
  • Administrator



1. QlikView Overview

  • Qlikview Introduction
  • Traditional BI tools vs. Qlikview
  • Qlikview Features
  • Architecture of Qlikview

2. Creating the First Qlikview Document

  • How to install Qlikview desktop
  • What are types of desktop – Machine wise
  • Back end scripting window
  • Front end UI window and shortcuts

3. Loading Data Into QlikView

  • Script Editor Basics
  • ODBC/OLEDB connection details
  • Connect and disconnect
  • How to connect to flat files
  • Relative and absolute path

4.  Data Structure of Loaded Data

  • The Table Viewer
  • System Fields
  • System Table

5.  Scripting Considerations

  • Synthetic Key Tables
  • Circular References
  • Loosely Coupled Tables

6. Qlikview Scripting

  • Need of data warehouse and ETL tools
  • Mapping Tables
  • Joins and keep
  • Types of joins and Keep
  • Concatenation
  • incremental load concept in Qlikview
  • Web file connection
  • Variable creation
  • Cross table

7. Creating a Master calendar

8. Qlikview Functions

  • Call function and procedure
  • Drop fields and tables
  • Creation of QVDs
  • Execute
  • First and top select
  • Debug option
  • Animate option

9. Qlikview Sheet and Objects

  • Document properties
  • Preferences
  • 13 types of chart
  • Best practices of usage of charts
  • Tabular reports
  • Multidimensional charts and objects
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Extensions and its usage
  • Linked objects

10. Security in QlikView

  • Section Access
  • Data Reduction techniques

11. Set Analysis Overview

  • What is set analysis and its usage
  • Set Modifier
  • Practical uses
  • Complex set analysis using Union, intersection
  • Probability usage in set analysis

12. Bookmarks and Alerts

  • Creation of bookmark
  • Use of bookmark option
  • Export and import of bookmark
  • Creation of alerts
  • Need of alerts

13. Macros in VB Script

14. Qlikview Server and Document manager

  • Types of server
  • Server configuration
  • Installation
  • screenshots of server
  • Role of admin
  • servicesin Qlikview server
  • Publisher and its usage

15. QlikView-Licensing-Overview

  • Types of License – types of server
  • What is cal and its usage
  • What is cost of each license
  • Scenarios of which license to be used for projects

Effective and best practices of license 

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