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SAP ABAP Training in Bangalore

We are provides SAP ABAP Online training in Bangalore, India.

SAP ABAP Course Content

1.Introduction to SAP ABAP

} Introduction to SAP R/3 Architecture, ERP concepts & ABAP/4 introduction

} Fundamental concepts of the SAP ABAP programming language

} Overview of R I C E F Components

} Basic Navigation (SAP GUI) Logins, Types of Programs, T-codes, and Package Creation

} SAP ABAP runtime environment & Naming Standards

  1. General ABAP Concepts

} Creation of Parameters & Selection Screens

} Conditional Statements

} Data types & Data objects

} Common Control String operations and Statements

  1. Data Dictionary Concepts

} Domain & Data Element

} Introduction to Data Dictionary

} Tables

} ….Transparent Tables

} ….Cluster Tables

} ….Pooled Tables

} Table Creation Top-Down Approach, & Bottom-up-Approach

} Views

} Indexes & Foreign Keys

} Structures

}…Types of Views

} ..Database View

} …Projection View

}…Help View

}Type Groups and Activation

}…Maintenance View

} Lock Objects (With Function Modules for Lock Requests)

} Search Helps

  1. Internal Tables

}Creating /Processing Internal Tables

}Body/Header Line Concept, Occurs 0 Concept

}Processing Internal Tables: Process Operations Loop End loop. Read Statement Append LOOP

}CLEAR / Refresh /Delete / Modify / FREE INSERT / Describe/ SORT

  1. Modularization Techniques

} Function Groups and Function Modules

} Subroutines, Includes

  1. Open SQL

}Working with SELECT ENDSELECT with different combinations sql

}Introduction to Open SQL


}Working with SELECT SINGLE * SQL Queries

  1. Reports: Classical Reports

}Events in Reports

}Message Classes Creation and Types

  1. Reports: (Interactive Reports)

}At User Command

}Events in Reports

}At line Selection

}Menu Painter

  1. Module Pool Programming

}Screen Painter

}Introduction to Screen Programming

}Creation of T-codes

}Defining Sub screens

}Tab Strip Control

}Table Controls

  1. ALV Reports: (SAP ABAP LIST VIEWER Reporting)

}ALV List and Grid Display

}Auto Field Catalog Merge

}ALV with Macros

}ALV with LOGO

}Block ALV display

}Popup Display

}Hierarchical Display

  1. Methods for transferring Data/ Uploads

}Call Transaction Method

}BDC Recording Method

}Data Transfer Scheduling background and periodic jobs

}Session Methods

  1. File Handling / Data Sets

}File Handling

}Creating/Appending Files in Application Server

}Reading Data From Application Server to Local PC

  1. SAP Script
  2. Smart Forms

}Working with Internal Tables, Types of Internal Tables: Standard / Sorted /Hashed

}Basic Features of Smart Forms

} Introduction to Smart Forms

} Smart forms Architecture

} Tables in Smart forms

} Simple Smart form Design

} Smart Styles

} Tables and Templates

} Loops

  1. ALE & IDOC

} Distributed Applications and Business Processes

} Introduction to ALE and IDOC

} ALE Components & benefits

} Segments, Idoc Type &Idoc

} Logical System, ALE Architecture, Message Type

} ALE s with IDOC

} Standard ALE

} RFC & IDOC with Standard Message types

} ALE s with IDOC and RFC

  1. ABAP Objects (OOABAP)

} Use of simple classes & methods

} ABAP Objects (OOABAP) Concepts of object-oriented programming

} Advantages of Object Oriented Programming

} Methods and Attributes

} Understanding of object-oriented programming

} Components of a Class Methods

} …Public, Private and Protected


} Attributes of Object Oriented Programming

} Classes & Objects

} Accessibility of different sections of a class

} Defining Local Classes, Components of a Class

} Interfaces, Events and Exception Handling

} Attributes, Polymorphism,Constructor, Inheritance

  1. Interface: BAPI Business Application Programming

} BOR and RFCs

} Introduction to BAPI

} Custom BAPI Creation

} Reports using BAPI

} Data Uploads through the BAPIS

  1. Badi Business Add Ins

} Badi Business Add Ins Implementation

} Badi Enhancements

  1. Transport System

} How to release Transport Request

} Transport Request Numbers


  1. Miscellaneous Topics

} Three Way Landscape Systems DEV, Quality and PRD

} System Landscape (workbench Organization)

} ASAP Methodology SAP Basic Services

  1. ABAP Coding Standards

} Project Coding Standards

} ABAP Coding Standards

  1. Designing Functional & Technical Specs

} Designing Technical Specs/Templates

} Designing Functional Specs/Templates

} Developing Functional Specs and Technical Specs or Templates with Coding and Test Cases

  1. Performance tuning

} SQL Trace

} Runtime Analysis

  1. ABAP Debugging Techniques

}ABAP Debugging Techniques

} Control Break Statements

} Formatting Technique

  1. LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench Tool)

} Uploading the Data From PC using LSMW Batch Method

} Uploading the Data From system using Direct Input Method

  1. Enhancements: (Customer Exits)

} Screen Exits

} Function Exits

} Menu Exits and Field Exits

  1. OOPS with ALV

} ALV Type Groups, Types of Containers

} Introduction to OOPS With ALV

} Layout properties Custom Containers design

} Module Creation Using SAP ABAP Objects & OOPS with ALV Grid Display

} Field catalog Propertied

  1. Overview of Functional modules

} SD, FICO and MM Functional Flow


} Need for Workflow

} Workflow Introduction

} Application of Workflow

} Workflow Architecture

} Basic Customizing Settings

} Workflow Builder

} Business Work Place

} Task

} Business Object Repository

} Standard Task

} Creating Task

} Customizing Task

} Workflow task

} Workflow Template

} Task Group

  1. Workflow Business Scenarios

} Working with Adhoc Workflow

} Trigger SAP workflow when a record is created in a database table

} Triggering SAP workflow to send an email whenever a material is created


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