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SAP Automation Testing

BESTWAY Technologies offering  best SAP AUTOMATION TESTING Training in Bangalore and Hyderabad with Real time most experienced working Professionals.  Our SAP AUTOMATION TESTING trainer is working in SAP AUTOMATION TESTING and total 13+ years experience in SAP.  we cover under this SAP AUTOMATION TESTING course Syllabus major topics What is SAP, SAP Testing Types, SAP Projects, Introduction on SAP Automation Testing, Introduction to SAP Automation Tool (UFT 11.5), Different ways of Developing SAP Automation Tests, Working with Test Objects and Object Repositories, Working with SAP Screen and Automation Testing Tool, Working with Actions and SAP Screen, Recovery Scenarios importance in SAP Automation, VB Script with SAP Automation, Working with SAP Data’s and Automation Tool, User Defined functions, SAP Automation testing Reports, SAP Automation Framework, Live Project Demo,  Advanced SAP Automation Testing Tool. We are plain to SAP AUTOMATION TESTING Course Content basic concepts to advanced level in-depth content. We are offers weekdays Batch (Monday to Friday)for day 1 to 1:30 hour, weekend batch (Saturday and Sunday ) for day 3hour class & Fast track which is based on your timings & availability of trainer.

BESTWAY TECHNOLOGIES offering online training with flexible & cost effective.  Attend SAP AUTOMATION TESTINGclasses in online no need to come to my place attend SAP AUTOMATION TESTING classes at your place anywhere world any time zone. Our participants students will be eligible to clear all type of any interviews at end of our SAP AUTOMATION TESTING sessions.  My SAP AUTOMATION TESTING trainer will give future help and assistance in subject for participants. We provide you with 24/7 server access for practicing. Please call : 91-9000567126 ( WhatsApp) , Mail :


    SAP Automation Testing

What is SAP?
  • Definition of SAP
  • Different Modules in SAP
SAP Testing Types
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • UAT
SAP Projects
  • Implementation Project
  • Support Project
  • Rollout Project
  • Upgrade Project
Introduction on SAP Automation Testing:
  • Definition & Importance
  • Types of Automation testing Tools
  • Difference between Manual Testing and Automation Testing
  • Benefits of SAP Automation Testing
Introduction to SAP Automation Tool (UFT 11.5)
  • Overview of UFT 11.5
  • Starting of UFT 11.5
  • Different types of windows
Different ways of Developing SAP Automation Tests
  • Initial setting in SAP to develop SAP Automation Test Cases
  • Recording the SAP Screens
  • Standard Recording
  • Analog Recording
  • Low level Recording
Working with Test Objects and Object Repositories
  • Identification of SAP Objects
  • Working with SAP Test Objects
  • Object Spy
  • Configuring Object identification
  • Smart identification
  • Object Repository types
  • Working with Object repositories and SAP
  • Associating Object Repositories
Working with SAP Screen and Automation Testing Tool
  • Script Creation in Automation Tool
  • Parameterization
  • Checkpoints
  • SMART Identification for SAP Screen Objects
  • Ordinal Identifier importance for SAP Screen Objects
  • SAP Status bar with Automation Script Creation
Working with Actions and SAP Screen
  • Introduction to Actions
  • Different types of Actions
  • Benefits of Actions Create SAP Automation Test with Multiple Action
  • Create new Action
  • Inserting of Action
  • Splitting of SAP Recorded Action
Recovery Scenarios importance in SAP Automation:
  • Introduction to Recovery Scenarios
  • When to use Recovery Scenarios
  • Defining Recovery Scenarios (Recovery Steps)
  • Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Associating Recovery Scenarios with SAP Automated Tests
VB Script with SAP Automation
  • VB Script Data types
  • VB Script Variables
  • VB Script Constants
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Importance of Environmental Variable
Working with SAP Data’s and Automation Tool
  • Creation of SAP Test Data
  • Different types of Data Tables
  • Importance of Data Tables
  • Importing of SAP Data’s
  • Exporting of SAP Data’s
  • VB Script with Excel objects
User Defined functions
  • Creating User Defined functions
  • Advantages of using the functions
  • Creating Function Libraries
  • Associating Function Libraries
Synchronization with SAP Screens
  • Need of Synchronization
  • Different ways of Synchronization
  • Exist Statement
  • Importance of wait Statement
Output Values
  • Output Values introduction
  • Defining Output Values
  • Storing the Output Values
Regular Expression
  • Introduction to Regular Expression
  • Defining Regular Expression
  • Working with Regular Expression Object
Descriptive Programming
  • Descriptive Programming Importance with SAP Objects
  • When to use the Descriptive Programming
SAP Automation testing Reports
  • About the reporter Utility Object
  • Reporter Methods
    • Reporter Event
    • Filter
    • Reporter Path
    • Run Status
SAP Automation Framework
  • Library Architecture SAP Automation Framework
  • Keyword Driven SAP Automation Framework
  • Data Driven SAP Automation Framework
  • Hybrid SAP Automation Frame work
Live Project Demo
  • SAP Live Implementation Business Process explanation
  • Creation of Data Driven SAP Automation Framework
  • SAP Automation Interview questions and Answers
Advanced SAP Automation Testing Tool
  • Introduction of SAP TAO
  • SAP TAO Architecture
  • Workflow of SAP TAO
  • Other SAP Automation Testing Tool


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