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SAP BO Online Training

  • In today’s world where dynamic changes in market, business, and technology landscape are eminent, Organizations need business intelligence (BI) platforms to provide concurrent performance on data (Volume, Variety & Velocity), insight with trust.
  • The Enterprises, Organizations need integrated BI solutions that are globally set, effortlessly scalable, and can be deployed flexibly.
  • An Integrated BI platform must provide an enterprise wide information infrastructure that allows your organization to make every person, process, and decision more intelligent –and closes the loop between information and action.
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI 4.1) solutions help organizations better understand their business and make more confident decisions.
  • Solutions of SAP Business Objects BI have been planned for unmatched usability for everyone across the organization, whether they’re using any portable devices, like mobiles, laptop, and desktop computer.
  • The latest SAP Business Objects BI solutions also expand on cross-suite interoperability, with new interactive visualizations and menus used consistently across the SAP Business Objects BI suite.



SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.0 & 4.1  Course Content


Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling Practical Concept

  • OLTP vs. OLAP

BOXI R4 Architecture

  • Architectural overview
  • Client tier components
  • Web tier
  • management tier
  • storage tier
  • Processing tier
  • Data tier


  • Understand the Business Objects
  • Enterprise Interface &Architecture
  • Manage Business Objects enterprise Content
  • Creation of Users, Groups and assign the Security level to them
  • Publish reports
  • Identify Business Objects Enterprise Architecture
  • Manage the Business Objects Enterprise servers
  • CMC vs CCM
  • BI Launch Pad

Universe Designer Tool

  • Understanding Business Objects Universe
  • Creating the Universe
  • Building the Universe Structure
  • Creating dimension Objects
  • Creating Detail and Measure Objects
  • Resolving Loops in a Universe
  • LOVs & Joins
  • Types of Joins
  • Using list of Values
  • Using @ function with Objects
  • Working with Aggregate Awareness

OLAP Universe

  • Creation of OLAP Universe by connecting to an Info cube
  • Updating the OLAP Universe(Cube)

Information Designer Tool

  • Understand concepts of Web intelligence
  • Creating Folder
  • Creating Connections
  • Types of Connections Relational and OLAP
  • Creation of Data Foundation
  • Creation of Data Foundation using single source or multiple sources
  • Inserting Tables
  • Making Joins and Types of Join
  • Resolving Loops
  • Creation of Business Layer using Data Foundation
  • Creation of Classes and Objects
  • Exporting the Business Layer into Repository.

Web Intelligence Rich Client

  • Create Web Intelligence documents with Universe
  • Change the Existing Web Intelligence document
  • Restrict Data returned by a query
  • Design a report
  • Enhance the presentation of data in reports
  • Form a report
  • Calculate data with formulas and variables
  • Analyze data
  • Manage and share Web intelligence documents
  • Work with Filters Query and Report level
  • Work with Prompts at Query level
  • Work with Drilling , Purging
  • Work with Breaking, Section, Ranking,
  • Work with Sub Reports
  • Create formulas with characters &date string functions
  • Create hyperlinks

Crystal Reports

  • Planning a Report with Universe
  • Selecting Records
  • Formatting a Report
  • Representing Data Visually
  • Distributing Reports
  • Creating Basic Formulas
  • Organizing Data on a record
  • Applying Section Formatting
  • Applying conditional Reporting
  • Using Report Templates
  • Creating Formulas
  • Building Parameterized Reports
  • Using Report Sections

Dash Board Designer

  • Creating a Model
  • Adding Interactivity to a model
  • Creating a connected Model
  • Using Query as a web service and create dashboard
  • Use Other connectivity components and create Dashboard
  • Create a Dash Board with Dynamic Visibility
  • Create a Dash Board with all Dash Board Components
  • Create a Dash Board with Query Browser.

Query as Web service

  • Configuring the QWS with BO System
  • Creating Web service report from Universes


  • Create a application in design-studio
  • Add a datasoruce to an application
  • How to use the components in design-studio
  • Analytical component and basic component and container component
  • How to link one component to another component
  • Write the jquerry script for components in desing-studio
  • How to use css code to the components
  • How to publish design-studio reports to the server

Training Highlights

  • Online training by experienced Trainer (10 Years of Experience In Business Intelligence & Analysis)
  • Exercise Handouts / Course pack and Visual Navigation
  • 24/7 Access to SAP training System
  • Certification Oriented Material
  • Audio/Visual Presentations
  • Tips and Techniques for Preparing Certification
  • Support candidate in resume preparation, interview preparation
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