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SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS Training

SAP Business objects data service (BODS) is an important ETL tool used to build Enterprise data warehouses and data mart. It is used in massive Data intensive applications and It is used both batch and real time mode. It is profoundly used in SAP data migration application and also used as a important ETL tool for ETL replication in SAP HANA.

SAP Business objects data service is an ETL Tool, Designing, Data Integration and Transformation Software application for Monitoring, Scheduling, Running, and Administrating the ETL Jobs. Data Integrator/Data Services allows users to develop and execute workflows called data stores (Web Services, Databases, Applications and Flat files etc.) and then allows the user to transform, combine, and refine the data and outputs in same or different data stores.

What is BODS?

The purpose of SAP Business objects data service (BODS) Technical is to give every student a good grab of BODS product so that he/she can create his or her product depository, build up a job server and start and implement job plans smoothly. SAP Business objects data service (BODS) currently is an ETL tool conquered by SAP and designed for use in all types of different systems, extract and transform information from them and finally load them in all types of systems. Since it is fully incorporated with SAP now, it can also be used as a tremendously efficient tool for sending data from legacy systems to current generation SAP systems with a highly efficient debugging and monitoring capabilities.

Data Services integrates with vast number of products includes SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Data Quality Management, SAP Information Steward, SAP Master Data Management and others for different usage and different process.

Best way technologies primary aim on the teaching of core areas of SAP BODS technical along with touching upon the tassel areas as well which we think comes useful at times. If you take a look at our program of study, you will see that it is widespread and follows a prototype which would help every student learn everything about BODS. So join us today and let us turn you into a BODS expert in no time at all.Ensure complete and accurate information with enterprise class solution for data integration and data quality. User-define standards are available in a custom Cleansing Package which is usable by Data Services through the Data Cleanse transform. SAP BODS Certification Training infuences to progress data from any applications into SAP Business suite deployment and master the data management.

In our SAP Bods training course in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, you will learn SAP  Data Services Overview, Data Services Basic Level, Understanding Data Integrator, Defining source and target metadata, Validating, tracing, and debugging jobs, Profiling Data, Managing Metadata, Performance Tuning, Datastore & Formats, Data Services Transforms, Using built-in functions, Using Data Integrator Scripting Language and variables, Capturing Changes in Data, Handling errors and auditing, Migrating Projects, Data Services Administration, Dataservices SAP System Handling, SAP Bods real time project . Through our training center, we have trained more than 100+ students and provided placement assistance. Best Way technologies in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune provides weekend training classes, free time classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.


SAP BODS Course Content

SAP BODS/Data Services/Data Integrator


  • Introduction to Integration Approaches
  • What is ETL?
  • What is DataWarehouse?
  • Introduction to Data warehouse
  • Implementations

Data Services Basic Level Understanding Data Integrator

  • Describe components, management tools, & the development process
  • Explain object relationship

Defining source and target metadata

  • Create a database data store and import Metadata
  • Create a new file format and handle errors in file formats

Validating, tracing, and debugging jobs

  • Using descriptions and annotations
  • Validate and trace jobs
  • Using View Data and the Interactive Debugger

Creating a batch job

  • Create a project, job, work flow, and data flow
  • Using the Query transform in a data flow
  • Using template tables

Data Services Advance Level Using built-in transforms and nested data

  • using the case, merge, and validation transforms

Data Services Advance Level concepts.…

  • Import metadata from XML documents
  • using the XML_Pipeline in a data flow

Using built-in functions

  • Using date and the date generation and time functions transform to build a dimension table
  • Using the lookup functions to look up status in a table
  • Using match pattern functions to compare input strings to patterns
  • Using database type functions to return information on data sources

Using Data Integrator Scripting Language and variables

  • Explain differences between global and local variables
  • Create global variables and custom functions
  • Using strings & variables in Data Integrator scripting language

Capturing Changes in Data

  • Using Changed Data Capture (CDC) with time-stamped sources
  • Create an initial and delta load job
  • Using history preserving transforms
  • Implementing SCD Type 0,1,2,3

Handling errors and auditing

  • Recover a failed job
  • Create a manual, recoverable work flow
  • Define audit points, rules and actions on failures

Supporting a multi-user environment

  • Describe terminology and repository types in a multi-user environment
  • Create and activate the central repository
  • Work with objects in the central repository

Migrating Projects

  • Create multiple configurations in a datastore
  • Work with projects in the central repository
  • Create a secure central repository
  • Implement and modify group permissions

SAP BODS/Data Services/Data Integrator

Data Services Advance Level cont.…

Profiling Data

  • Set up the Data Profiler and users
  • Submit a profiling task
  • Monitor profiling tasks in the Administrator

Managing Metadata

  • Import and export metadata
  • Using Metadata Reports

Performance Tuning Datastore & Formats

  • Datastore – Overview & Types
  • Datastore creation- DB, SAP, Adaptor, Webservice
  • Formats-Flat file, Excel, DTD, XSD

Data Services Transforms

Overview of Transforms & Category

(DI, DQ and PF)

  • All Transforms of Data Integrator and PF
  • will be covered with examples

Data Services Administration

  • Management Console operations
  • Server Manager Operations
  • Repository Manager Operation
  • License Manager – adding and upgrading license keys
  • Execute, schedule, and monitor batch jobs

Dataservices SAP System Handling

  • SAP Systems-Introduction
  • SAP BODS and SAP ERP/BW integration
  • Creation of SAP ERP Datastore and overview of properties
  • Creation of SAP BW source & target

Datastores and overview of properties

  • SAP ERP creating and getting RFC enabled Function Modules
  • SAP ERP Tables data extraction
  • SAP BW Dataflow, Interfaces, objects allowed to BODS
  • SAP BW Extracting data from SAP BW Infoproviders
  • Introduction to RAPID MARTS

Introduction to SAP HANA

  • Configurations in HANA and BODS
  • loading data to SAP HANA using BODS


Real Time Scenarios with advanced examples

Real Time Environment Explanation

  • Project Landscape
  • Deployment Procedure
  • Production Support Procedure
  • Documentation

Suggestions for Resume Preparation

Suggestions for Interview Preparation



  • About SAP Business Objects Suite (BI & EIM)
  • SAP Data Services 4.1 Introduction & Overview
  • SAP Data Services 4.1 Installation – with BOE CMC (CMC, BODS Server, Designer)
  • SAP Data Services 4.1 Installation—with IPS (IPS, BODS Server, Designer)
  • SAP Data Services4.1 Administration & Configuration (Server Manager, DSM Console)

New Functionalities & Features Graphical User Interface

  • Server Manager, Designer
  • Management Console, CMC/Information Platform Services (IPS)

New Security Features

  • User Management in CMC/IPS
  • Data Services Standard Users & User Groups
  • User Security-Local Repository & Central Repository & DSM Console
  • Transforms- Data Integrator, Data Quality & Platform
  • Password Encryption

Text Data Processing

  • About SAP Data Services Text Analysis
  • Text Analysis in Data Services 4.0
  • Introduction to Text Services Platform and Administrator
  • Maintaining Text Services Platform
  • Extracting Text Data- Email, Text, PortalData, Internet Data
  • New Flat File Format Types – Unstructured Text, Unstructured Binary

Transforms & Functions

  • New Validation Transform Features
  • New Joins in Query Transform
  • New Hierarchy FlatteningTransform Features

SAP Extraction

SAP Business Content Extractors i.e. Data Sources extraction from ERP

Other Features

  • New Operational Features-Designer GUI Keyboard accessibility, Multi-Language support
  • Source & Target additional properties
  • Migration Techniques
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