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SAP BW7.4 Powered by HANA

BESTWAY Technologies offering SAP BW 7.4 Powered by HANA Training in Bangalore and Hyderabad with Real time most experienced working Professionals. Our trainer is working in SAP BW 7.4 on HANA and total 13+ years experience in SAP. we cover under this SAP BW ON HANA course Syllabus major topics Data warehousing work bench , Concepts in basic modeling – Continued, Data Extraction from Source Systems, Data Extraction overview, Logistics data extraction, Generic data extraction, Controlling and FI data extraction , Enhancing a data source, Reporting, Getting started with Query designer , BEx Analyzer, Business Objects Web Intelligence , Administration and Performance, HANA objects in BW Datawarehousing, HANA Studio eclipse GUI , Production Support, Process chains and Project, Project explanation. We are plain to SAP BW 7.4 Course Content basic concepts to advanced level in-depth content. Please call : 91-9000567126.

SAP BW 7.4 on HANA Course


SAP System overview

  • What is ERP? Different business modules of ERP.
  • Two dimensional tables.
  • Master data and Transaction data.

BW Overview

  • Star Schema Concepts
  • Multidimensional modeling.

Data Wareshousing in BW

Datawarehousing work bench

  • Creation of Infoarea, Infoobject catalogs, Infoobjects and attributes.
  • Maintain master data.
  • Creation of source system (Flat file).
  • Creation of datasource, transformations, DTPs and infopackages (basic).
  • Loading master data from flat file into infoobject.
  • Creation of basic cube and loading transaction data into infocube.
  • Monitoring data after the load triggered.

Concepts in basic modeling – Continued,

  • Creation of a simple DSO and loading transaction data into DSO.
  • Data mart concepts – Loading data from DSO to cube.
  • Types of attributes – Display, Navigational, compounding and Transitive.
  • Attribute change run to activate master data.
  • Transformation rules – writing start routine, end routines (ABAP) and transformation rule groups.
  • Delta mechanism in BW.
  • DTP concepts in detail – Types of DTPs, delta add-ins in DTP.
  • Understanding the aggregation behavior of keyfigures in a basic report.

Data Extraction from Source Systems

Data Extraction overview

  • SAP R3 business process overview of Sales, purchasing and MM.
  • The extraction process
  • Types of extractors

Logistics data extraction

  • What is meant by logistics? Business areas of LO cockpit.
  • Configuring of datasource, setup table filling and delta queue management.
  • Different types of delta update methods – Queued, V3 serialized and direct.
  • Process of Inventory data extraction with marker updates.

Generic data extraction

  • Creation of Data sources for master data and transaction data.
  • Creation of master data based on table, view, infosets and Function module.
  • Concepts of generic delta.
  • Data sources for classification data (special features).

Controlling and FI data extraction

  • Installing and activating business content Datasources
  • Delta procedures
  • Safety interval features

Enhancing a datasource

  • Enhancing data sources for master and transaction data.
  • Basic overview ABAP coding to write the code for enhancement.

Extraction from Oracle Database

  • Setting up ODBC connection to oracle DB
  • TOAD or SQL Developer tool overview


Introduction to reporting tools

  • BEx Query designer,
  • BEx Analyzer,
  • BO Web intelligence
  • BO Dashboard designer.

Getting started with Query designer

  • Rows, columns, free Chars, default values and Filters.
  • Properties of Query, char and keyfigure in BEx.
  • What is drill down and navigational analysis?
  • Data restrictions of char at different places in query designer.
  • Creation and usage of the following objects.

Calculate key figures, restricted key figures, New Selection, New Formula

Conditions, Exceptions, Structures

Variables – different types of variables with processing types and their usage in real time.

BEx Analyzer

  • Creating templates with different formatting items.
  • Integrating templates in the workbooks.
  • Creating Query views.
  • Broadcast the reports using Information broadcasting feature.

Complex Report requirements

  • How to get the Count of document using formula with replacement path option.
  • Designing Report to report interface for detailed level analysis of queries.
  • How to work with Exception aggregation effectively.
  • Writing the Customer exit variable code in CMOD to calculate YTD, YTM and importance of i_step1 and i_step2.
  • Creating input ready query on aggregation levels and enter plan data manually.

Business Objects Web Intelligence

  • BI launch pad
  • Creating an BEx universe
  • Creating a Webi document and query
  • Navigations and reporting features.

Dashboard Designer

  • Creating a dashboard on BEx query
  • Creating a dashboard on flat file data
  • Dashboard on BO Webi data

BW Detailed topics

Administration and Performance

  • Creation of Hierarchies and loading hierarchy from flat file.
  • Types of DSO and Types of Infocubes.
  • Multiprovider and infoset.
  • Business Content Installation.
  • Transport Connection – Transport request sequence and resolving errors.
  • Query Performance techniques.

Compression, Partition, Index creation, Aggregates – Rollup

  • Load performance techniques.

Deleting index and Usage of background process effectively.

  • Open Hub service – Retracting data from BW into File system and other DB external systems.
  • Currency Conversion and Quantity Conversion in Real time.


BW Powered by HANA

HANA objects in BW Datawarehousing

  • LSA ++ architecture
  • HANA Optimized objects
  • Advanced Data Store objects,
  • Open ODS views and Composite providers,

HANA Studio eclipse GUI

  • User Schemas
  • HANA views, analytical, Attribute and Calculation views.
  • Creating queries in HANA studio,

Production Support

Process chains and Project

  • Creation of process chains, schedule them and monitoring data loads.
  • Usage of different process types like DSO activation, Cube deletion and index generation etc.
  • Handling production support Issues. Handling Tickets of all priorities.

Lastly and more importantly

Project explanation.

Interview oriented session (Mock interview)


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