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SAP Cloud for Customer ( SAP C4C)

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) Course Content

1.Getting Started with Solution On Demand Studio

Step 1: Creating a Development User for the SDK

Step 2: Configure backend system details

Step 3: Log on to the backend system to connect to the repository

2. Creating a Custom Business Object

Step 1: Create a new customer specific solution

Step 2: Create a new custom business object

Step 3: Create UI for the new custom business object

Step 4: Change the generated UI

Step 5: Add Attachments EC

Step 6: Add Notes EC

3. Testing UIs with Business Users

Step 1: Assign work centers and work center views to the Business Users

Step 2: Test the work centers with the Business Users

4. Extensibility: Create extension fields

Step 1: Extend Account BO

Step 2: Extend Account screen

5. Linking Custom Business Object to Standard Business Object

Step 1: Create new Embedded Component for Contract BO

Step 2: Add Quick Create action and refresh in Embedded Component for Contract BO

Step 3: Extend Opportunity with new Tab

Step 4: Enable Embedded Component for personalization

6. Service Integration – XML File Input

Step 1: Create Service Integration

Step 2: Create XML payload

Step 3: Uploading Input Files

Step 4: Configure File Input

7. Create a new web service

Step 1: Create a new solution for Exchange Rates

Step 2: Create a web service for the Exchange Rates BO

Step 3: Create the web service authorization

8. Create Mashups

Step 1: Create a custom Port Type Package

Step 2: Create a custom Mashup Port Binding

Step 3: Create a custom HTML Mashup

Step 4: Create a custom Data Mashup

Step 5: Add a custom Mashup to your UI

9. Tracing and Debugging

Step 1: Set up tracing, run tracing and check the traces

Step 2: Set up breakpoints and debug at runtime

10. Enable Notification Rules

Step 1: Enable Notification Rules

Step 2: Define an Execution UI

Step 3: Define Notification Rules

Step 4: Test Notification Rules

11. Approval process for custom BO

Step 1: Enhance Contract BO & screen

Step 2: Create Approval Process

Step 3: Configure Approval Process

Step 4: Test Approval Process

12. Analytics

Step 1: Create a data source for the contract BO

Step 2: Create a new report on the data source

Step 3: Allow assignment of the Report to the Contract View

Step 4: Perform the assignment of the report in the runtime



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