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EHS Course content

SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) addresses a range of environment, health, and safety issues. In addition to enabling you to manage risk and comply with government regulations, the solution integrates a variety of environment, health, and safety functions:
• Product safety
• Hazardous materials management
• Dangerous goods management
• Industrial hygiene and safety management
• Occupational health
• Waste management
SAP PLM supports you throughout the life cycle of your products and assets across the entire supply chain, helping you continuously improve business processes. The solution’s integrated architecture ensures the consistency of information exchanged between business and environmental, health, and safety processes. Current data is instantly available, and redundant data maintenance is avoided.
SAP PLM streamlines and automates all activities necessary to let you implement business processes safely, effectively, and in accordance with laws and regulations. The result is reduced costs and minimized risks, as well as an enhanced image and improved market opportunities.

SAP PLM – Environmental , Health And Safety

About the Training program Session Particulars
1 EHSO1 SAP Overview
2 EHS02 EHS Overview
3 EHS03 EHS Overview
4 EHS04 ASAP Methodology
5 EHS05 Introduction to ERP
6 EHS06 Familiarization with SAP
7 EHS07 Basic Data & Tools
8 EHS08 Product Safety – I
9 EHS09 Product Safety -II
10 EHS10 Hazardous Substance Management – I
11 EHS11 Hazardous Substance Management – II
12 EHS12 Dangerous Goods Management – I
13 EHS13 Dangerous Goods Management – II
14 EHS14 Industrial Hygiene and Safety – I
15 EHS15 Industrial Hygiene and Safety – II
16 EHS16 Waste Management – I
17 EHS17 Waste Management – II
18 EHS18 Occupational Health – I
19 EHS19 Occupational Health – II
20 EHS20 Classification System
21 EHS21 Reporting System – I
22 EHS22 Reporting System – II
23 EHS23 Basic Workflow
24 EHS24 Legacy System Data Migration
25 EHS25 Roles And Profile Definition
26 EHS26 Organization Structure
27 EHS27 Integration With PP and QM


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