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SAP GRC 10 Training

What is SAP GRC?

SAP GRC Training from Best Way Technology in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune covering all processes and components of the SAP solution for implementing governance, the Risk, and Compliance within the system. The expert online professional course offers all its participants excellent business insight to develop the Process Control, the Access Control and the Risk Management on one of the most interactive virtual platform.  Then explore the different phases of SAP GRC risk management to monitor the financial and legal risks.  Best Way Technology’s expert tutors are extremely qualified and expert in their designated area of teaching and this professional course is available for corporate batched also. Course fee is reasonable & classes are arranged in flexi hours. SAP GRC Training for professionals willing to explore their career in SAP. Call the help desk for more information. We do provide training for the version SAP GRC 10 Training, SAP GRC Process Control provides a central repository of a control, self-assessment, automated process management workflow & a configurable controls testing & a real-time exception reporting on.

SAP GRC Access Control online training govern sensitive access & a segregation of essential functions & a SAP Access Control supports processes & audit records that track who has access, who officially agree access, when access was granted, & if the access assignments are still required., & providing consistent access. SAP Access Control is designed to bridge the gap between obtaining the technical definitions of system authorization & facilitating the process of associating the correct system of a entitlement with the appropriate user.SAP Access Control includes the following five modules to accomplish this automation.

Benefits of SAP GRC Training:

Provides for an end-to-end management of the organization’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework

Offers an integrated and holistic approach to organization-wide Governance, Risk and Compliance

Ensures that the association acts fairly correct and in accordingly with its risk appetite, internal policies and external regulations through alignment of strategy, processes, technology and people

Improves visibility of risks which enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the entity’s GRC initiatives

Reduce the cost and effort of managing GRC initiatives with SAP GRC solutions

Helps the organization entrench risk and compliance activities into strategy, planning, and execution

Ensures that organizations continuously improve performance by accounting for risk

Helps protect revenue streams, shareholder value and brand reputation

Helps the organization to standardize on common GRC content and rules based on global best practices

Delivers transparency for balanced global risk profile

The business process i.e.,GRC processes are Automated and embedded which promoting a culture which values effective GRC content, as well as automate key risk indicator monitoring within SAP and heterogeneous systems.

Best Way Technology in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai provides best SAP GRC training by our Highly Professional Certified Trainers. Governance, Risk, and Compliance, almost always referred to as GRC. Central nervous system that helps you manages your business more effectively by SAP GRC. You also derive a competitive advantage from understanding risks and choosing opportunities wisely. In other words, GRC helps you make sure that you do things the right way. It keeps track of what you are doing and raises an alert when things start to go off track or when risks appear. We also do corporate training and help them to train their employees.

 SAP GRC 10 Course Content

SAP Governance Risk and Compliance ( SAP GRC) 

SAP GRC 10.0 – Implementation and Configuration 


1. Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0

  • Access Control 10.0 Overview
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Transporting Objects
  • User Interface Overview
  • A Day in the Life of an Access Control User

2.  Harmonization and Integrations

  • Common Technical Platform
  • Effects of Harmonization in Access Control
  • Harmonization settings
  • Integration Points
  • How Access Control components work together
  • Portal systems Integration
  • LDAP Integration

3.  Information Architecture, Security, and Authorizations

4.  Analyze and Manage Risk ( Access Risk Analysis )

  • Shared Master Data
  • Configuration and Rule Set Maintenance
  • Audit Trail Tracking
  • Risk Analysis Framework
  • System-Specific Mitigation
  • Mass Mitigation

5.  Emergency Access Management

  • Emergency Access Management Overview
  • Centralized Firefighting
  • Plan for Emergency Access
  • Monitor Emergency Access

6. Design and Manage Roles ( Business Role Management )

  • Configure Role Management
  • Configure Role Methodology
  • Plan for Technical Role Definition
  • Plan for Business Role Definition
  • Mass Manage Roles

7.  Provision and Manage Users ( Access Request Management )

  • Define Request Type.
  • Define User Provisioning Settings.
  • Design End User Personalization Forms
  • Define Number ranges.

8. MSMP Workflow and Business Rule Framework (BRF)

  • MSMP Workflow – ARM, ARA, BRM & EAM.
  • Define workflow related Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow Rules
  • Define business rules using the BRF Workbench
  • Create BRFplus rules

9.  Customization

  • Launch Pad Customization
  • Workcentres Customization
  • User Request / Approval forms customization

10.  Reporting

  • Reporting Framework (ARM, ARA, BRM & EAM).

11.  Access Control Implementation Process

  • Implementation Process Overview
  • Project Teams
  • Designing the Access Control Solution
  • Upgrade and Migration
  • Configuring Access Control using the IMG
  • Implementing the Solution
  • Optimizing and Enhancing the Solution
  • Request Demo

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