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SAP UI5 & Fiori

BESTWAY Technologies provides SAP UI5 and Fiori Online training in Hyderabad , Vijayawada, Pune & Bangalore-India. Call @ +91-9000567126.

SAP UI5 and FIORI Course Content

Session1: Introduction SAPUI5 and FIORI

Session2: SAPUI5 1.36 setup on Eclipse locally

Session3: Introduction Hybrid Web Technologies






Session4: Model – View- Controller(MVC) Concept in SAPUI5

Session5: Creating SAPUI Project

Session6: Data Binding and Data Models

Session7: CRUD Operations With OData Model

Session8: SAP ODATA Creation and Configuration

Session9: SAP Various Controls exploring

Session10: Deployment SAPUI5 Application

Session11: Configuration SAPUI5 into FIORI Launch pad

Session12: SAP FIORI Guide Lines

Session13: Importance of Component.js

Session14: Navigation From one view to another view

Session15: Navigation between Application to Application

Session16: SAPUI5 formatter Importance

Session17: Fragments Implementation

Session18: Creating Responsive Controls Table, Simple Form, List, Icon TabBar..

Session19: File Upload and Download

Session20: Steps to achieve configuration of Standard FIORI Application on Launch pad.
Session21: Steps Enhancement of standard FIORI Application

Session22: SAP FIORI Certification and Interview Questions


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