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SAP WM Online Training

SAP WM Training

A warehouse is a distribution center and is central to the entire supply chain management (SCM) of a company. Real-time and efficient warehouse management is a prerequisite for efficient supply chain management and therefore business efficiency. With this objective supply chain managers need efficient tools to get real time information about inventories in the pipeline and that in the warehouse.

What is SAP WM?

Whether you are into materials management (MM) or supply chain (SCM), you will be immensely benefited by learning the SAP WM module. Supply chain managers of companies need the SAP WM tool to manage the supply chain efficiently. It is a tool that helps the supply chain managers by providing efficient and flexible support that includes

  • Managing complex warehouse structure
  • Define storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse and manage these
  • To manage the different types of storage like block storage, high rack storage, fixed bin storage.
  • Process all relevant posting and transactions like general stock transfer, goods receipt and goods issue.
  • Monitor stock movement
  • Execute stock placement and removal using different put away and picking strategies
  • Process the stock differences
  • Manage hazardous material
  • Use bar code scanners
  • Acting as an interface to external non-SAP warehousing system.
  • Manage inventory at the storage bin level

Best Way technologies in Hyderabad, Bangalore, offers training for SAP WM module. We have more than 15+ years of training experienced experts in SAP and as well as Real –time working experience in all SAP modules. Training at Best Way Technologies is incomparable with any other and they will train you in such a way you will have clear balancing between the theoretical knowledge and real world environment.

Fully flexible support in dispensation all goods movements and in managing goods in your warehouse complex by SAP WM. The Warehouse Management (WMS) system supports planned and efficient processing of all logistics processes within your warehouse, the WMS allows you to map your entire warehouse complex in detail to storage bin level. Now you will gain an impression of the entire quantity of a material in the warehouse; you can also always conclude exactly where a certain material currently is in your warehouse complex.

Why you need the SAP WM online training?

By the complexity of warehouse structures companies require SAP experts with in deep knowledge of SAP WM implementation as well as operations along with industry exposure. You will be able to manage warehouses and keep inventory levels at the optimum level after getting the training.

SAP WM experts having in depth knowledge, the project which focuses on all the critical components of SAP WM will be provided by our trainer. And as a result, you can increase your visibility and increase your efficiency and draw real connections between different components of SAP WM. You will also get the complete material covering all the aspects of this project. Integrate the supply chain with materials management, product planning, quality management, sales and distribution.


SAP Warehouse Management Course Syllabus:

  1. SAP Overview (1 hr)
  • my SAP Business Suite
  • Navigation (system handling)
  • WM Overview
  1. 2. Logistics Execution
  • Main Features of logistic execution
  • Organizational Units
  • Storage Bins
  • Connection to Inventory Management
  • Quant
  • Movement types
  • Transfer order creation in background
  • Special Movement indicator
  • Storage location control
    • Storage type , Storage section and Storage Bin search
    • Handling Differences in Warehouse
    • Material master data on put away
    • Put away strategies
    • Forms of capacity check
    • Storage type and Storage section search
    • Negative Quant / Negative stock
    • Zero stock check
    • Stock removal strategies
  • Goods receipt with purchase orders
  • Put away with transfer orders (create transfer order with transfer requirement)
  • Stock split in transfer orders
  • Inbound deliveries for purchase orders
  • Goods Receipt Posting After Partial Put away
  • QM process
  • Goods Issue with Cost center
  • Stock removal with transfer orders
  • Goods issue process with outbound deliveries
  • Return transfer for outbound deliveries
  • Two-step picking process
  • Posting changes
  • Stock transfer
  • Identification Point
  • Activate packing in material master
  • Packing in the Inbound / Outbound delivery
  • Creating a Handling Unit Without Reference to an Object
  • HU with storage location process


3. Structural Elements

4. Interface between Inventory management and Warehouse Management

5. Put away Process

6. Stock Removal Process

7. Goods Receipt Process

8. Goods Issue Process

9. Other Process

10. Handling unit management
11. Storage unit management

  • Activation of Storage Unit
  • SU with pallet strategy
  • SU with Bulk strategy
  1. 12. Additional functions in warehouse management (2 hrs)
  • Warehouse activity monitor
  • Mobile data entry


  1. 13. Batch Management
  • Manual and Automatic Batch Creation
  • Classification
  • Batch Determination


  1. 14. Important configuration
  • Master Data Configuration
  • Request Demo

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